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“Salmon” Luxury Charm Lipstick

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This Luxury Charm Lipstick works it’s magic  making your lips appear fuller and plumper.  Get soft, smooth, conditioned lips with luscious moisturizing formula. Infused with shea butter for a creamy feel. 

Our Salmon Moisturizing Lipstick is velvety smooth, offers great color payout, very lightweight, and comes in 7 brilliant colors. All of our fabulous shades may be mixed and combined to produce any color desired! Deliciously rich color infused with shea butter that saturates lips with moisture.

Meet the newest generation in lip color, our first oil-in-stick Salmon Design Lipstick has reflective oils for an irresistible shine. Build layer upon layer of pigmented color and irresistible shine

Key Features:

  • It's very lightweight
  • Offers great color payout
  • Comes in 7 brilliant colors
  • Smooth, conditioned lips
  • Luscious moisturizing formula.